Buy a house i Italy for an Euro

Italian town sells off houses for a penny. Interested buyers can buy them for a euro.

Own a piece of Italy for a penny: Discover the incredible opportunity to buy a house for just one euro in an Italian town!

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If you dream of living in sunny Italy, your dream can become a reality! The towns of Sant’Elia and Pianisi offer eight houses for sale at a more than reasonable price.

Located in Campobasso, Sant’Elia a Pianisi is trying to end depopulation and attract new residents. Therefore, the local town hall has offered eight houses for sale for a symbolic one euro.

“We are also trying to help our economy. If two buyers are interested in the same property, the one who decides to use local engineers, architects and companies to repair the houses will have a better chance. Then those who want to complete the renovations first will also have an advantage,” Mayor Biagio Faiella told Idealista.

This is a unique opportunity to own a house in Italy and contribute to revitalizing a small town.

The mayor stated that all of the houses are in need of reconstruction, with some being in worse condition than others.

However, those interested in purchasing the house must meet several conditions. They must submit a reconstruction project within six months of buying the property and complete the repairs within three years. Additionally, a deposit of EUR 5,000 must be paid to guarantee that the house’s renovation will actually take place.

“Everyone is leaving. Unfortunately, this is the case in small towns. In 2014, we had 2,004 inhabitants; today, we only have 1,680. Anyone who buys a house for one euro comes to revive ruins, in which the town hall often has to invest its own money,” complained the mayor.

Individuals interested in purchasing a house must contact their local town hall and complete all required forms. The necessary information can be found on the city’s website. It is recommended to act promptly, as the mayor has indicated that several applications have already been submitted.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a house in Italy and contribute to the revitalization of Sant’Elia a Pianisi. Act fast, as many applications have already been received.

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