Airports are transportation hubs that serve as entry and exit points for air travelers. They usually have runways for aircraft to take off and land and terminals for passengers to check in, go through security, and board and disembark from flights. Some larger airports also offer amenities like shops, restaurants, lounges, and car rental services.
Airports are categorized according to the number of passengers they serve and the services they provide. Common types include international, regional, and general aviation airports.
International airports are the largest and most complex, acting as gateways for international flights and handling a large volume of passengers and cargo. They typically have multiple runways, terminals, and facilities for customs and immigration processing.
Regional airports are more petite and serve regional or local areas, usually offering limited air service. They may have one terminal building, a few gates, and a runway.
General aviation airports primarily serve private aircraft, such as small single-engine planes, as well as corporate and charter flights. They may have a small terminal building, hangars, and aircraft maintenance and storage facilities.

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