bologna cake

Bologna Cake

Discover the Surprisingly Delicious Twist on a Classic Dish: Bologna Cake

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Are you looking for a unique, savory appetizer to serve at your retro-themed party? If so, this bologna cake is exactly what you need. It’s an interesting combination of meat and cheese layers topped with cream cheese frosting and crackers that makes it both salty and creamy – definitely not the typical sweet confection! Plus it’s inexpensive, easy to make, perfect for beginners – all in all a delicious conversation starter. Ready to find out more about how you can create this classic southern dish? Let’s take a closer look!

What Is Bologna Cake?

Although it may appear to be a cake, rest assured that Bologna Cake does not have the same sweet taste. It is in fact an appetizer from the south made with multiple layers of bologna slices and cream cheese frosting including grated onion and Worcestershire sauce. The stacks are arranged like a cake and further adorned with creamy topping .This savory delicacy should be enjoyed along crackers for maximum pleasure!

If you’ve seen the classic rom-com Sweet Home Alabama, you’ve probably heard of it.

Ever Wondered What a Bologna Cake Would Taste Like?

Despite my initial trepidation, I decided to give Bologna cake a try as any curious cook would. To my delight, the dish exceeded all expectations! It was like tasting the classic duo of bologna and cream cheese with an added depth from onion and Worcestershire sauce.

The layers provided an exquisite texture that reminded me of savory crepes in cake form – salty yet smoky due to presence of processed meat. I highly recommend having these scrumptious slices accompanied by crackers for optimal enjoyment!

This appetizer is not meant to be consumed on its own; it’s simply too salty without something to balance the richness. Luckily, a buttery and crunchy cracker provides an ideal contrast with the smoothness of cake that cuts through the saltiness of bologna and cream cheese perfectly!

Bologna Cake Ingredients:

bologna, grated onion, Worcestershire sauce, and cream cheese

This is a super simple recipe. It needs just five ingredients and about ten minutes of prep.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For the Sliced Bologna, you’ll want to use any brand that has a flavor profile you enjoy. If bologna isn’t available, substitute it with deli meats such as ham and salami; I haven’t experimented yet but imagining they would work harmoniously here!

Grated Onion is added to the cream cheese mix for a savory kick – however if peeling and chopping onions doesn’t appeal, simple ranch onion mix can be used instead.

Be sure to use finely grated onion in this recipe – it not only allows for the flavors of your filling to better blend with cream cheese, but also prevents large pieces of onion from dominating every mouthful.

Make sure to bring your cream cheese to room temperature before use for effortless mixing. Adding a few drops of Worcestershire sauce will give the frosting an unexpected layer of umami flavor. Finally, complete this tasty appetizer with buttery and crunchy Ritz crackers!

How to Make Bologna Cake

  1. To create the cake’s luscious frosting, take these steps:

In a bowl, combine the softened cream cheese, grated onion and Worcestershire sauce. For best results, use a hand mixer to mix everything together until it is well blended – otherwise you can always opt for arm-strengthening with your trusty rubber spatula!

2. Assemble your delectable cake with care!

Make a solid base for your Bologna Cake by laying down a layer of cream cheese frosting on the serving plate. This will keep each additional level from sliding off as you build it up. Then, start layering those bologna slices and top with thin layers of that same frosting until all the meat is used!

When creating your design, using a piping bag to get clean edges and spiral patterns really elevate this dish’s look – just make sure to spread it out flat afterward. Your guests are guaranteed to be impressed when they see this masterpiece at your table!

3. Frost the cake.

Completely cover the cake with a generous layer of cream cheese frosting, then decorate in your favorite style.

4. Serve with your favorite crackers, then savor every bite!

Pro Tips

To ensure a smooth cream cheese mixture, make sure to let it relax at room temperature before use. If you forget to take the cream cheese out of the refrigerator early enough, place it in your microwave for a few seconds and that should do the trick!

To prevent any bologna disasters while serving or eating, spread some of your delicious creamy blends onto the plate’s base first – this will keep your meal from sliding off into oblivion.

Before you lay your bologna, make sure it’s completely dry by wiping off the excess moisture with a paper towel. To get those smooth edges on your cake that look like they just popped out of the bakery, use an offset spatula to spread the frosting.

If you don’t have one handy, simply flip over a butter knife and use its flat side as a substitute! For extra flavor and flair in this unique creation, decide ahead what cheese topping will work best for you — be it Cheese Whiz or canned cheese — it’ll add some much-needed color too!

Transform ordinary crackers into a delectable dessert topping with this recipe for a luscious Bologna Cake adorned with crunchy Cracker Garnish.

How to Serve Bologna Cake

Bologna cake is always a hit, but if you want to take it up a notch try out these ideas. Make the presentation extra special by decorating with canned American cheese and layering it on top of buttery crackers or toast! Slice thinly like traditional cakes and garnish with roasted red peppers, olives, or capers for an added touch. To store leftovers simply wrap in plastic wrap and place into the fridge for 3-4 days.

If you want an exceptional and creative appetizer for a vintage-themed gathering, this bologna cake recipe is the perfect pick. Its savory, creamy texture makes it different from your usual chips and dip selection. Try it today – you won’t regret it!


1 pound sliced bologna

2 tablespoons grated onion

1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1 package Ritz crackers, for serving

Quick recapitulation

To make this delectable appetizer, begin by blending together the softened cream cheese, grated onion and Worcestershire sauce with a mixer at medium speed until it’s thick and creamy. Now you can assemble your cake! Take a serving plate and layer on some of the mixture as your base. Put one slice of bologna over that then spread another layer of cream cheese mix onto it – repeat for all slices in total. To finish off use the remaining cream cheese to frost the top before refrigerating to let set. Slice into portions when ready and serve with crackers if desired- Bon appetite!

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